Welcome to Amblecote Primary School!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and I hope you learn a little about our caring, hard working and happy Primary School.

My name is Ann Mason and I am proud to be the Head teacher of this wonderful school.

Amblecote is a good school, recognised by Ofsted in September 2011 where they reported that:

€˜Pupils are proud of their good school.€™

They also commented that:

The quality of teaching across the school is good and some is outstanding. Teachers plan well to meet the differing needs of their classes. They provide a stimulating environment and a range of resources to execute their pupils and stimulate their imagination€™.

We have an annual intake number of 45 but endeavour to keep the class sizes as close to 30 or less throughout the school, although they are much lower in Foundation Stage.

Our Foundation Stage comprises of two Reception classes who follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum based on the principle of learning through play. We also have an independently funded Pre-School on site that also delivers the EYFS curriculum and works very closely with the Reception Classes. In September 2011 Ofsted accredited Foundation Stage as €˜outstanding.  They commented:

€˜There is a good balance of adult led and child-initiated activities. Staff  work very well together as a team and the provision is exceptionally well managed. All aspects of children’€™s welfare are catered for in a safe environment.  The organisation and curriculum planning is exemplary and enables children to progress well in learning and development through purposeful play.

We have high expectations at Amblecote and expect everyone to do their best.  We are fully inclusive and ensure all pupils reach their full potential by catering for a wide variety of skills, abilities and needs, within out broad and balanced curriculum.  We teach through a themed approach to the curriculum and find the children enjoy the variety of themes we have.

Our school vision is encapsulated in our statement:

€˜At Amblecote we achieve because in our pupils we believe!

I hope you now have an insight into Amblecote and you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Amblecote is a happy, secure, caring and friendly environment where you would be made to feel welcome.

Ann Mason