The Early Years Foundation Stage


What is the EYFS? 

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework is a government document that all schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers in England must follow. It sets standards for the learning, development, and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. The standards ensure your child will learn and develop well and is kept healthy and safe. 

What Will My Child Be Learning?  

The EYFS framework outlines seven areas of learning and development and educational programmes.  

There are three prime areas of learning, which are particularly important for your child’s development and future learning: 

  • Communication and language 
  • Physical development 
  • Personal, social and emotional development 
There are four specific areas of learning: •   Literacy •   Mathematics •   Understanding the world •   Expressive arts and design These 7 areas are the basis for our curriculum. Careful thought is given to inform our enabling environments (indoors and outdoors), to provide resources, activities and learning opportunities to meet each child’s unique requirements.  Our curriculum is very flexible and responsive to follow children’s interests and those totally unplanned learning opportunities that sometimes come out of the blue, such as it unexpectedly snowing! How Will My Child Be Learning? Young children learn through play.  The EYFS refers to the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  These are:  •              Playing and exploring •              Active learning •              Creating and thinking critically How Will I Know How My Child Is Doing? Each child in the EYFS has a key person (class teacher in reception class) who will work in partnership with you, sharing information about your child. We use our professional knowledge to understand your child’s level of development. If we have any concerns about your child’s progress, we will discuss these with you.  Formal assessments take place during the EYFS:  • Reception Baseline Assessment (at the start of the reception year)  • Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (at the end of the EYFS) Your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Profile will be shared with you at the end of the EYFS. This will inform you of your child’s progress and whether they have met or are continuing to work towards their early learning goals (ELGs). There are 17 ELGs your child is expected to achieve by the end of the EYFS. Vision 

Our vision is to ensure that our EYFS is fully inclusive and that everyone can grow and develop as an individual in a safe and nurturing environment. We put children and families at the heart of everything we do valuing parents as their children’s first and most important educators. We have high expectations of all children in our care and aim to form close relationships with families, the wider community, and outside agencies to promote the best outcomes for all children. We aim to inspire pupils to achieve their potential in a stimulating and fun way, laying solid foundations for our children’s future.  Praise and clear boundaries contribute to building confidence and resilience of our children. We believe in praising effort and valuing the little steps that really makes a different to the children’s progress and self-esteem. 

Our Values: 

Friendship, Kindness, Resilience, Respect, Honesty and Pride