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Phonics and Early Reading

At Amblecote, we use ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised’ as our chosen validated Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP)  Programme.

Please click on the ‘Key Information’ Tab and click on ‘Curriculum’ to find out more about the teaching of phonics at our school.


Early Maths

There are six main areas that collectively underpin children’s early mathematical learning, and which provide the foundations for the maths that children will encounter as they progress through the years in primary school.

They are:

Cardinality and Counting: understanding that the cardinal value of a number refers to the quantity, or ‘how manyness’ of things it represents

Comparison: understanding that comparing numbers involves knowing which numbers are worth more or less than each other

Composition: understanding that one number can be made up from (composed from) two or more smaller numbers

Pattern: looking for and finding patterns helps children notice and understand mathematical relationships

Shape and Space: understanding what happens when shapes move, or combine with other shapes, helps develop wider mathematical thinking

Measures: comparing different aspects such as length, weight and volume, as a preliminary to using units to compare later

Children are encouraged to use mathematical language, problem solve and reason in a broad range of practical contexts and throughout their play.


Early Maths Links & Websites:

  • The NCETM Early Years Area– The aim of this section is to help gain a clearer understanding of how children build early number sense and to provide tips on how best to support that learning.
  • Number Blocks– Number blocks first broadcast in January 2017. It is a preschool BBC television series aimed at introducing children to early number. Snappy animation and lovable characters combine with engaging story lines to gently introduce concepts of number to support early mathematical understanding.
  • NRICH– The NRICH Early Years resources aim to further develop young children’s natural problem-solving abilities in the context of mathematics.


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