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30 hours update offer Dec 2020

New opening times Jan 2021

Knowledge Organisers

11th Jan 21

4th Jan 21

7th Dec 20

30th Nov 20

23rd Nov 20

9th Nov 20

2nd Nov 20

19th Oct 20

12th Oct 20

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January Newsletter 21

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Admissions Policy – Pre-school June 2020

Early years Foundation stage policy June 2020

Pre-school Achieving Positive Behaviour Policy June 2020

Pre-school Animals in the setting June 2020

Pre-school Complaints policy June 2020

Pre-school Food and drink June 2020

Pre-school Missing child policy May 2020

Pre-school Nappy Change Policy May 2020

Pre-school payment policy 2020

Pre-school safety and security May 2020

Pre-school SEND Policy 2020

Pre-school settling in and key person policy May 2020

Pre-school Trips and outings May 2020

Pre-school working with other agencies May 2020